As the entire world embraces a new year and endless possibilities, where do you see yourself? Do you have new year resolutions? Do you…

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I had a miscarriage. This is my story. —

On the first of July, I had a miscarriage. It was the day after my 31st birthday. It was also the day we had chosen—under the guise of my birthday party—to announce to both of our families that we were pregnant with our second child. It didn’t turn out the way we…

My Stroke — Red Tent Living

I stared at the round objects I cradled in my hand. Now, what were they? Why was I holding them? They looked so familiar – but what was I to do with them? Still in my pj’s, I wondered, maybe John would know. I’ll just ask him. I looked around for John, the still dashing Naval

Goats That Dance (By Anna) —

Before you get your hopes up, this is not a short story or a novella or a poem. This is actually the name of a lovely little coffee shop my husband and I visited a few weeks ago. In the summer… now a distant memory. The summer that is, not the coffee shop. You simply would never forget a coffee shop named Goats that Dance would you! hahahahah

Mike’s grave — Discover

“When Mike died at 47 — cardiac arrest caused by an enlarged heart and a blocked artery — our large, vital running community got a collective stitch: that sharp pain beneath the ribs, the stab that constrains the breath…What stopped his heart broke ours.”

10 heart attack warning signs. — Heal thy self.

For the past few decades, heart disease, heart attacks and strokes are the number one leading cause of death around the world. There are many reasons that may cause a heart attack or stroke including high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and blood sugar, and also hormonal imbalances.

Is It Worth The Wait?

What are you finding yourself waiting on? Just about everyone can instantly think of an answer to that question. Maybe you are waiting for graduation. Maybe you are waiting on finding that better job. That step up. Perhaps you are waiting for someone, anyone just giving you a chance in the employment world.

Do you want to encourage passion in a reluctant reader? — Jean’s Writing

Do you have a young reluctant reader at home? The lazy hazy days of summer are here and many of you are trying to encourage your kids to read. Maybe their teacher gave them a reading list, but it’s a struggle to comply. Ready to try something new? Reading is fundamental. We’ve heard that time

My Lucky Life — thesecretblind

“I am so sorry to hear you have lost you vision” said the blurred figure in front of me. The sincerity in his voice was sweet but my ears tried to deflect the genuine regret onto someone who really needed it. Standing by the bus stop on the way back from work, we had spent…

Savings Galore

It’s that time of year again when certain companies decide to give their loyal followers some serious discounts and good deals. Yay! It’s an…

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Thanks, Dad

  Father’s Day is a special time of year when many children and adults reflect on what their Dad truly means to them. Here…

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Mother’s Day and She is…

People from all over the place are connected in reflecting and admiring the ladies in their lives simply known as Mom or Mother.

Nearing a Year of My Blog

As the wise people always tell us, time truly flies by. It has been almost a year since I started this journey into being a blogger. I was your typical reader scanning the internet in random moments in my life when I needed a little entertainment, a few laughs, or a little wisdom. 

Seeking the Revenge

Revenge is that word that instantly invokes a strong reaction in people. There are those who seek revenge, and there are those who seek…

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YouTube Channels

I have been a longtime fan of YouTube for obvious reasons. It’s a great way to see some highly entertaining videos and tutorials. I…

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Storytelling With Food — Discover

Love food photography? Let Meera — a self-taught photographer — teach you how to tell a story with food. via Storytelling With Food — Discover

The Desire to Pursue

It is human nature to want to pursue people and things. We pursue true love. We seek happiness. We pursue success professionally, academically, and…

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There are times in a person’s life when they may experience the feeling of being panicked.  It can come on so suddenly and with…

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So Very Tired

One common theme of life is being tired.  Tired from working too hard.  Tired of pulling parenting duty.  Tired of partying too hard.  Tired…

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Art is There…

Art is very relevant in 2017 all over the world. For each person, art will have some meaning to them on a personal level based on their childhood or some other reason. Why is that?