The Nasty Sting of Rejection

What happens when you experience rejection?  Do you just quit or do you step up and keep pushing through?  Does rejection help make you a better version of yourself?  Does refusal make you assess what it is in your life that leads to that moment of rejection?  Perhaps your manuscript was turned down.  Maybe you didn’t make the band, choir, or team at school. Perhaps someone said that you impressed them, but they decided to “go in a different direction.”

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What then?  What is your next move?  Are you going to work harder?  Are you going to practice more?  Should you devote more time to training and at the gym to perfect your craft that much more? 

Rejection allows us to have some self-reflection.  Rejection makes us realize that there are always going to be those who are our real competition and that we must step up our game to be competitive with them.  Rejection allows us to take note and take inventory of things in our life that we can truly improve and perhaps even should. Ultimately rejection lets us have some profound self-reflection. 

Rejection can even be a gift because it may make us realize that the path we are on is simply the wrong one.  Perhaps it lets us realize that the person we are in a relationship with is not who we truly should be with.  Perhaps rejection allows us to see the future version of ourselves that we can aspire to become if we simply were not tied down in the version of our life we are currently trudging through. 


Rejection in that sense can be profoundly freeing.  It opens doors and opportunities for us because we simply must keep moving on and not quitting on ourselves.  Rejection can be that moment in our life that truly defines us and the success that is waiting for us just around the next corner.  Do not get discouraged.  Do not quit if you feel it in your heart that the path you are on is the right one for you.  Rejection simply means that you are putting yourself out there in the world and risking being exposed of your flaws and weaknesses.  It means you are human.  That is part of why being rejected hurts the pride because you do feel exposed and truly vulnerable.  That also means that you are genuine and authentic. Rejection can become part of your success story if you allow it to instead of getting defeated by it.

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