Viewing Life in Perspective

Picture the sickest day of your life.  The day you were so hurt or so sick that you thought you might actually cash in your chips.  Now remind yourself of what you were thinking on that day and what mattered.  You were probably thinking of your family, friends, pets, and things like that.

Not your fame, not the debt you’ve been tackling for years, not work, and ultimately not a whole lot of much.  Now try to live your life each day as though it was your very sickest and let the rest of the noise simply just float away.

That’s what life is about.  Understanding that we each only have so much time here to do what we want to do and impact the lives of those we care about the most.  Some of us get quite a bit of time, and others of us do not get nearly as long.  However, it is at the end of the day most of us, when faced with our own mortality, will wish we had just a little more precious time.


A little more time to make more memories with those we care about the most.  A bit more time to finish the plans we had for our lives and to make an impact on our world as a whole.  A little more time to save up money for those we will leave behind.  A little more time to just be.



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