Take a Chance, You Just Never Know

The only shot you are a 100% guaranteed to miss is the one you don’t take. Don’t be afraid to take those shots, and take on those opportunities. I recently got turned down for something I was working on, but instead of a clear no, they said I was on their radar, and they may contact me in the future. You just never know how the chips are going to fall and that’s part of the excitement of living. Life is about all of the unknowns.

We live day-to-day not knowing when opportunity will strike and that is part of the fun of it all. Not knowing how great the future may be for us. Not knowing just how far our careers will progress. For some of you not knowing how successful your book or your blog will become. For others, it may be how successful you will become at being a parent or caregiver. It may be that your five-year or ten-year plan far exceeds your wildest ambitions and predictions. We just don’t know and isn’t life a little more exciting because of that?


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