Nearing a Year of My Blog

As wise people always tell us, time truly flies by. It has been almost a year since I started this journey into being a blogger. I was your typical reader scanning the internet in random moments in my life when I needed a little entertainment, a few laughs, or a little wisdom. 

Where did I find myself more often than not? Reading blogs of course. At times I would be reading blogs and not even pay attention too much to the fact that they were blogs. Instead, I was too busy being pulled into the stories, the daily musings, or the sound advice that I was eager to try out in my corner of the planet. 

Blogs and devoted bloggers have that ability. They give us entertainment and a short escape from our own reality and most do it absolutely free. Sure they may have advertisers and others who help keep their blog afloat because let’s face it, running a blog does have expenses and is certainly an investment in the blogger’s time. However, they don’t ask a lot of their readers. Simply to show up and enjoy their blogs. There is no price of admission. There is no one checking to see if you have your ticket for the ride or the show. Yet many blogs are insanely good. Worth a few minutes of our precious time here and there when we can spare it.

I know we are quite busy. We have real lives outside the internet universe. We have real obligations and daily responsibilities. Yet here we are unified in wanting to read blogs and be a member of the awesomeness known as the blog world. The blog world where good bloggers get to connect with their audiences. I appreciate you being here and I know that thousands of other bloggers appreciate you being a part of this. Thank you.


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