Mother’s Day and She is…

Mother’s Day is that special time of year when we reflect on the lady who is our mother or the mother of our children. People from all over the place are connected in reflecting and admiring the ladies in their lives simply known as Mom or Mother. The lady simply identified in your phone as Mom or Mama. The lady who holds your childhood safely in her heart.

She is the lady who tolled over hot stoves, feverish foreheads, and mountains of homework waiting for the lightbulb to finally appear in your brain. She is the lady who read you so many bedtime stories that even as an adult you still recall her antics in bringing those characters alive. Those special voices that she created and the love for reading that she inspired in you.

She is the lady who tolled over an endless supply of dirty laundry and reminded you not to mess up the kitchen floor she just mopped to a pristine level of clean. She tackled those dirty dishes every day of your childhood that you can recall.

She is your biggest fan.

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You know it deep in your very soul. She was the loudest and proudest at so many concerts, recitals, performances, or sporting events. She was the obnoxious one or the one smiling from ear to ear when her boy or girl nailed it. When her child scored and the whole world seemed to know it because of her. 

She is worthy.

She is worthy of the phone calls around the world and the flowers that appear on her doorstep as if magically. She is worthy of the dreams you have of buying her a dream home when you become that big shot you always envisioned for yourself. She is worthy because she sacrificed everything she had for you. She sacrificed her time, her finances, and at times even her own health for you.

If you asked her if she would do it all over again, she would reply in a heartbeat you know it, Son or Daughter, because I loved you more than life itself.

She is worthy of all of it.



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