Thanks, Dad

Father’s Day is a special time of year when many children and adults reflect on what their Dad truly means to them. Here is to all of the great Dads out there working hard and sharing their wisdom with their families. You are appreciated. You are admired. You are enough. 

Thanks for the calloused hands and the smell of coffee in the house. Thanks for the right words shared at just the right time. Your timing is impeccable. Thanks for the piggyback rides even if your back hurt. Thanks for the laughs and the adventures.

Thanks for putting that bike together and then teaching us how to ride. Thanks for watching us get stitches at eight and putting on a brave face for us even though inside you hurt for your little girl or boy. 

Thanks for teaching us that sports and physical activity are just as important as things we learn inside the classroom. Thanks for helping us become stronger, more coordinated, and ultimately more capable.

Thanks for making us tougher than we thought we could be. Thanks for making us braver than we ever imagined. Thanks for always believing in us even when we stumbled in life. Thanks for everything.   

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