Seeking the Revenge

Revenge is that word that instantly invokes a strong reaction in people. There are those who seek revenge, and there are those who seek to let it go. Or perhaps even forgive. However, it is truly hard to forgive and even harder to forget when something incredibly tragic or cruel enters a person’s life.

Revenge is one of those aspects of being human that is always lurking just below the surface of almost every human on the planet. There is a crime or other circumstance that would drive a kind parent to seek revenge. There is a situation that would drive a sweet and mild-tempered person to seek revenge. Everyone has their own breaking point that would drive them over the edge. It may be about them personally or more likely someone they love more than life itself like a spouse or child.

Hollywood has covered many epic revenge stories and characters over the decades, but they pale in comparison to the sad true-life crimes that families have endured. The kind of crimes that make people’s blood boil and see red in their eyes. When every fiber of their being wants to destroy whoever brought harm on those they cherish the most.

For each of us, the reason may be something quite different but yet it is there. Many good upstanding members of society allow the justice system to do its job when something horrific happens. Yet even that can be quite hard. To let things go and let the legal process work. Seeking justice and hoping that the justice system does not fail. To allow the thoughts of revenge to melt away and allow the mind and heart to regain some resemblance of peace.

It is easier said than done obviously but your heart deserves it. Your heart deserves peace and to let the notions of seeking revenge to melt away. Let Karma or whatever you happen to believe in do the work for you. 





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