Do You Believe in Premonitions?

One topic of human nature that seems to be surrounded by mystery is the ability to foresee the future and having premonitions.  Do you believe in them?  Do you think some people have the ability to predict their death or perhaps the death of a close relative or friend?  If people can have premonitions, what would be the purpose?  Would it be to prevent their death?  If that is the reason then technically was it, in fact, their actual projected death or was it more of a simple ‘close call’? 


Most people would naturally avoid that car, or trip, or location if they had prior knowledge that something tragic would happen to them.  However, if they do end up avoiding that location or trip, then technically they were not at that location when tragedy did in fact strike.  We could then argue that them actually changing their minds was also destined to happen.  That they were expected to do one thing and then for whatever reason decided to do another. Would that then be considered just a close call, a strange occurrence, or them avoiding their fate and death at that time?

Many claim that they have experienced premonitions of things to come.  They experience that feeling in their mind or gut that they know of that place or that experience as if they already lived it and saw it.  Perhaps they had a dream about it or perhaps there is just something too familiar about it, and they simply can not put their finger on exactly what that may be.  Perhaps they simply have a ‘bad feeling’ about a future trip or event and they simply do not know why.  Premonitions motivate people to get their affairs in order.  Premonitions motivate people to say their goodbyes, just in case.  Just in case they come true.  Just in case that dream was real.  Just in case…


Premonitions are just fascinating.  Whether or not we personally believe does not take away the fact that some very mysterious coincidences have occurred over the course of history that looking back makes a person ponder what happened exactly.

Have you ever experienced a close call or some premonition of things to come?  Looking back did it make you have some realization about your life or perhaps even change the course of your life?  It’s fascinating how one simple decision can totally change a person’s final outcome.  One choice of doing something can be life-changing in either direction of positive or negative. 

Taking that extra second or two at a light or answering that call when it first comes in.  It might be ‘opportunity’ reaching out to us.  It might be ‘fate’ intervening. It might simply be the sudden urge to take a bottle of water or an extra life jacket and not understanding exactly why until later that day when it is put to good use.  It might just be that one decision that changes everything for years to come.  We’ll just have to wait and see. 

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