Creativity is Contagious

One of the most admiral aspects of being human is our ability to be creative. Creativity is simply beautiful when it is well executed. We love seeing the creativity in others. We are amazed when we see their creations of art, technology, and inventions. In fact, we watch popular shows that highlight the creativity and genius in others. The kind of shows that highlight the culinary skills, business aptitude, design, or inventive process in others. When it is well executed, it is almost enchanting.

There are so many different ways people are creative. Some are brilliant with a paintbrush or typewriter. Their creativity flows so freely onto their canvas or paper. They sit down with a blank page or canvas and make something happen. They put their thoughts and ideas to paper and turn it into something new and wonderful. They create beautiful works of art or books that we simply can not put down.

Their creativity allows us to enter their minds, their ‘worlds,’ their vision of how things should be. They solve problems. They make wrongs of the world right. In their world, the good guy gets to win and gets the girl. In their world, the animals are appreciated and coexist. In their world, the kids are happy and have food to eat. In their world, people are kind to each other. In their world, people act the way people should act.

Others are masters of the kitchen. They can take ingredients and see the delicious and decadent final product in their minds. They know what smells and colors work together on the plate. They know which flavors will be harmonious to allow the diner complete and utter food bliss. They make it happen with a level of passion and creativity that is remarkable.

Then there are those who entertain us in movies. They bring to life characters and blur the lines between reality and fiction. You could practically sit down and have coffee with these fictitious characters and think that they are not only real but also want to spend an afternoon catching up with your day.

There are those who make horror come to life for us to get our adrenaline pumping and add mystery and suspense to our existence. There are those who make us believe in aliens, monsters, zombies, vampires, and the rest of them.

There are those who make us believe in schools for the gifted in mutations and magical powers. They create a world that beckons us to enter and explore. A world that we at times want to be a part of if only to escape our own for a little while.

There are those who are creative with music and sounds. They bring movies to life with their voice talents, their sound effects, and their beautiful songs. They entertain us with their creative minds and talented vocal cords. They ease our suffering and our stress. They allow us to enjoy the moment. They enable us to enjoy the experience. They allow us to remember the beautiful moments in our life through songs that tap into our memories. Songs that touch our hearts again and again. Songs that create pictures in our minds and answer questions that we may have. 

There are those who are creative with technology and inventions. They make so many tasks possible online and at other ‘locations’ in our world. We use their technological genius often to complete the tasks that we need to in the course of our day. We are thankful for the products and ideas that they brought to the marketplace.

Others are creative with their hands. They can build or make anything. They are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fixing and problem-solving. They build the most beautiful buildings and homes. They create places for people to work and live. They bring a shelter and sense of security to the marketplace. They fix cars and keep us on the roads. They create works of art with their calloused and often dirty hands.

There are those who are creative in a lab or other professional setting. They are solving medical problems and making profound scientific discoveries and breakthroughs. They are solving problems that may have baffled earlier generations for decades. They are making a world of healthier and happier inhabitants. They are making a world that many of them wished they had previously. A world without terminal disease. A world without paralysis and blindness. A world without the suffering and wishing for better. They are creating the kind of world that we would all create if we had the creative genius to do so.


We simply love creative people. We want to be around them and pick their brains. We want to try to unlock the secrets of their success and their creative process. We want to step into their shoes and figure out just what they have going on that makes their minds so brilliant and unique. 


Creative people are contagious because they make this world beautiful and possible. They invent products that actually make our world better and easier. They solve problems. They solve problems all the time. They see a problem, and then they take that problem and create real solutions. Not just in theory, but also suitable solutions to the problems that lurk in our world. 

Creative people are unique. They decide to take a ‘different path’ and approach to problems. They see different colors and realities than we do. They paint outside the lines of life both figuratively and literally. They turn a problem upside down, sideways, and any other way possible to get a solution. They take what many assume is impossible and make it alive. They become ‘parents’ to their creations and innovations. They dream about them and how to fix them or improve upon them. They make finished products that are far beyond even their initial ideas. Their finished ‘products’ are truly works of art to be admired.

Creativity is beautiful and precious.

Never allow anyone to dampen your creative process. The thoughts you have may solve a problem. The outside thinking you have can make this world a more enchanting place. We need your innovation. We need your creative ‘genes.’ We need you to bring it to the world. We need you to pass on the creativity to future generations so that the creativity of this world never truly dies.

Creativity is contagious and it is wonderful.

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