Getting Back into the Art

I think as artists we all try to find ourselves and what kind of work we want to bring to the marketplace. We want to be defined in some sense as the artist who does blank. The photographer who has a portfolio of a blank. The artist wants people to start identifying their work, their theme, their name, and their point of view in their work. They want people to start seeing their work and knowing rather quickly that they are the artist behind it. That the work is there’s. Not some random other artist, but that particular artist. I think it helps validate people and motivate them to continue working as an artist.

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Let’s face it, breaking into the art world with any level of success is not easy. It is time-consuming. It is real work. It is more a marathon than a sprint. The artist is usually slowly growing a fan base over the course of time. There are always those who find what seems like overnight success, but I think that is the exception instead of the rule.

I love trees and nature in general. I love being outdoors and seeing all of the beauty there is to be discovered. Enjoying the little things like strange patterns or markings in trees. The color of leaves as they are discarded in Autumn and winter.

I joke with friends that I am eventually going to be known as the “tree lady” or the “tree artist” because I find myself focusing on trees more than many other focal points.

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Perhaps that is just a funny thought, or perhaps one day it will come true. We simply don’t always know. We don’t always know how we are going to be remembered when we are gone. We don’t know how future generations of artists and fans will critique our work. We don’t know if they will understand our vision or scratch their head in bewilderment. 

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There are many songs that artists can relate to but one that hits home for me  and perhaps one of the best of all time is the talented Lee Ann Womack’s Something Worth Leaving Behind.

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Isn’t that the real point of life? That we all say and do stuff that impacts this world and leave something positive and beautiful behind? That we touched hearts and lives through our actions, our words, and our employment. That we help others when we can. That we choose good whenever possible. 

Either way, we as artists are leaving a piece of us on this world. The people who see and purchase our art have been impacted by it in some way. We helped convey messages or perhaps points of view through our work. Some take great pride in their advocacy of different causes. Others fight for the freedom of expression. Some delight their fans with beautiful works of art regarding the human form. Some even teach historical facts or other random knowledge in their artwork.

Then there are those who photograph the most precious moments in a person’s life like their wedding, the day they graduate, or the day their baby is born. They provide families with beautiful photography that will be passed down and cherished for generations to come. They capture a person’s essence in a photograph and make it beautiful and real

The possibilities are endless just like the creativity of a talented artist.

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