Colds and Sickness

Obviously, one of the things that remind us that we are human is that we do get sick.  We do catch colds.  We do have medical problems.  Many are reminded that they are human and mortal when they go from the picture of good health into a state of very sick.  They have to put their lives on hold briefly while they try to get better.  They spend time in beds or over toilets instead of punching the time clock at work or fulfilling all the tasks they fulfill daily.

When we reach for the cold medicine or prescribed medication, it reminds us that one little germ can honestly do us in.  We are quite fragile in that sense.  We are suspectable to so many germs lurking about practically all around us.  All it really takes is just one to defeat our safeguards.  It only takes one to infiltrate our bodies and turn our world upside down.  It only takes one to change all of our plans for the day and make us have to stock up on Kleenex and binge-watch our favorite shows.

That is, of course, when we aren’t asleep trying to wreak havoc on those pesky germs.  Sickness reminds us that we are fortunate when we are healthy and well.  Sickness reminds us that our immune system does a beautiful job of protecting us most of the time. Sure some germs will make it in our bodies, but the majority get the proverbial boot to the behind and get sent packing.  They don’t get the chance to ruin our day, ‘ruin’ our nose, and ‘destroy’ our toilet. 

Sickness reminds us that sometimes we need to slow down our busy paced life and focus on taking care of ourselves.  Illness reminds us that we are loved when our family and friends help take care of us.  We should let them.  We should let them step up when they can, and we should step up for them when we can.  Sickness shows the world that there are so many compassionate people who focus on relieving the suffering in others.

Sickness reminds us that the medical profession is so essential.  It is a profession that we want the best.

We want those brilliant minds and kind hearts to help us in our times of need.  We want them to relieve the suffering and reinstate good health.

Sickness simply sucks but it is also a part of life and being human. 


If we never got sick, we would never truly appreciate good health.  We would not appreciate the days when we are not chained to a tissue or toilet.  We would not appreciate the days that we are not sneezing or coughing with little relief.  We would not appreciate the days when our heads and stomachs felt right.  Simply put, without sickness and the occasional cold, we would not appreciate our bodies as much as we do.

Reach for that cold medicine knowing that your body is kicking some germs’ butt and you will feel better in due time.  In the meantime, enjoy some rest. 

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