The Desire to Pursue

It is human nature to want to pursue people and things. We pursue true love. We seek happiness. We pursue success professionally, academically, and even socially. We pursue healthy marriages/relationships and becoming great parents. We are in a constant pursuit of something.

We may not even know exactly what that something is, but we pursue it none the less. However, the pursuit is part of the fun. Like we are on some epic quest that has obstacles and perhaps even riddles that we must solve to earn our prize. We like the chase and the pursuit. We like the sport of it. If everything was simply handed to us without any work on our part, it just wouldn’t be the same. So instead we pursue.

We enjoy being pursued by those who want to see us romantically. We enjoy being pursued by those who want to offer us professional opportunities. We simply enjoy others making an effort for our time and our talents. What we each bring to the table is relevant and special. We know that no one else does our life except for us. We enjoy the pursuit of financial security and perhaps even having a little put aside for our golden years. 

Some of the best movies and songs have covered the ideas of pursuing something.

We may not know how it will all end but the journey to it is part of the fascination. Perhaps it will involve some epic journey, or perhaps the journey will be inside of us and learning a deeper meaning to our existence. We pursue knowledge and wisdom. We pursue experience points by gaining them through hardships and having been there and truly done that. 

What are you pursuing? What ‘prize’ is awaiting you at the end of your quest?

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2 thoughts on “The Desire to Pursue

  1. I pursue nothing at present for I am content 😃I’m sure something will come along for me to pursue, but for now I am content 😃🐻

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