What’s Next?

It is now November. What are you going to do next? What are your dreams, and what are you doing to try to reach them? My dreams are slowly coming true. I have always wanted to be an author since I was a little girl. I dream of a place where everyone who has a dream can truly reach that dream. Where dreams are precious and to be guarded.

Dreams that aren’t valued and protected, are often missed opportunities. When we reach our golden years and wonder where all the time went. When we wonder why we didn’t say yes to that opportunity. When we have regrets about the things we did not say or do. Do those things. Do those things now while your heart is still healthy. Do those things now when you are still physically able to do so. Do those things now so that you don’t reach a point down the road and wish you had just said yes. 

Time is precious and so many wish that they had more of it. They wish that they could multiply it and sprinkle it all over the place. However, we can’t. We can’t make a single day a minute longer than it is supposed to be. We can’t stop time in its tracks. We can’t hit the rewind button and replay that moment in our life. It’s already past. It’s behind us now, and there is no going back. We have to keep going toward that next moment in time. What will you see there? What will you do there? Who will be there with you? What happens now?


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