The Desire to Entertain

Entertainment holds a place in society. When life is full of tragedy and suffering, people want to escape into their music or favorite movies. Society works because we have talented people bringing their skills to whatever they do for a living. Some desire to sing. Some desire to draw. Some desire to perform in theater or act in movies. Some desire to write books. Some desire to make people laugh. 

What do all of these entertainers have in common? They want to make someone feel entertained. They want to make someone escape their own little world and whatever troubles may plague their life for just a little while. When the bills can wait. When the chemo can wait. When the grieving of a lost loved one has to stop briefly because their heart just can’t take another second of their overwhelming grief. What do people do? They turn on their favorite song or play their favorite movie.


They escape briefly to that tune or that drama. They desire to escape, and of course, their faithful entertainers have their back. They know just how to sing that song. They know just how to perform those lines. They know exactly what they are doing, and it matters. It matters to their fans and possibly thousands of people across the globe. Their fans count on them to step up and you know what? They do. They do year after year. They do song after song. They do movie after movie. They do joke after joke. They do it all with a sense of class and an incredible level of professionalism.


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photo by: global.quiz

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