Life in Full Throttle

It is well into September now, and many of you find yourselves deep in life. You are back in school, or perhaps your children are. You are back at the job perhaps from a pleasant summer trip or just having the opportunity to relax at home. You are preparing slowly but surely for the upcoming holiday seasons.

Perhaps it is contemplating what Halloween decorations, costumes, or candy choices need to fill your home this Halloween season. Or maybe you are that early bird shopper already thinking about Thanksgiving or Christmas shopping.

You are making lists. You are meeting deadlines. You are attending meetings. You are packing your stuff for a move. You are buying new furniture. You are doing something. Perhaps you are working at a new job and trying to find your new place in that delicate ecosystem. Finding that place that will become your own soon enough.

You are planning and surviving along the way. You are showing up in this thing called life day in and day out. Sure there may be days that are tough. Days that are exhausting. Days that take every ounce of your willpower and physical ability just to get through them but you know what? You’re doing it. You are winning in your own life. You are making a difference in the days that turn into weeks, months, and even years. You are being exactly who you should be, and there is nothing better than being authentic and real.

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photo by: Dai Lygad

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