Now is a Good Time For Reflection

We as humans often want to take at least a little time to reflect on our life. We want to reflect on what we got right and perhaps more importantly what we got wrong over the year, ten years, or perhaps even our entire life. It is important to take a little time to reflect and see what we should do more of and indeed what we should stop doing.

Reflection gives us the opportunity to learn from mistakes and create a game plan for future endeavors and adventures. Some live by the five or ten-year plan and trying to envision where they want to be in five or ten years. They set goals. They write down a list of steps to get there. Then they take action to make their plans come true.

Likewise, there have been very famous movie stars who have written checks in certain amounts to themselves as a visual goal and reminder of where they want to be. The check is a visual to remind them that they can and will be able to cash those checks if they put in the hard work, never quit, and keep the hope alive. 

As a result, it is important to make our goals something that we can touch and see. A list, or a check, or perhaps something else that we can touch is very relevant when we think of very abstract concepts like our future and our goals. Concepts that are very uncertain but can be influenced by the steps and choices we make now. Our future is not going to happen the way we want it to unless we put in the effort now and make any necessary changes.

Reflection allows us to process information and particularly information that is relevant to us. Perhaps it is realizations about how quickly and efficiently we can lose weight. Perhaps it is the realizations that we need to quit our current job and pursue other interests. Perhaps it is the realization that we are sick and need actual medical and or psychological intervention to solve the mystery. Perhaps it is the realization that we are just not happy with the course our life is currently on, and we are seeking something else. Reflection allows us to see perhaps what our friends and family have been telling us and hinting at for some time but we chose to ignore them or just brush them off.


Realization lets that little voice inside our being warning us of danger to be finally heard loud and clear for us almost as if we suddenly have an epiphany. As a result, realization becomes a profound experience. It is necessary for us to understand things in our own time and when we are ready to address or handle it adequately. Only when we are ready to bring on our fighting spirit if necessary. Only when we may have to fight for our lives due to medical reasons or fight to stay afloat due to financial or other reasons. Ultimately realization makes reality set in, and the problem is that reality can often be quite brutal.

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