We Are Only Temporary

Perhaps one of the hardest realizations for people is knowing that our lives are only temporary. We only get to live for a certain period. Some get decades and pass away snug in their beds while others only get months, weeks, days or even minutes to be alive. We soon realize that just about everything in life is only temporary. We go to school for a few years, and then we transition to work, or parenthood, or whatever else we are supposed to transition to.



Some women get pregnant and have babies, and even that too is temporary. Some in fact even miss some of those pregnant days and experiences. When they fondly look back at their pregnant bellies and the life that they nurtured and loved into existence.

We realize that buildings and roads are only temporary. Most will not stand the test of time for long. They crumble and decay. In fact, actual shows have explored how quickly they succumb to the elements if mankind is not here constantly repairing and taking care of them. Even the terrain itself is constantly changing with or without mankind’s interference. The places you see today will not look the same in ten, twenty, or a hundred years. Trees and plants will grow. Others may perish over time. 

We work jobs or perhaps even are lucky enough to have something that is classified as a career or calling. However, that too is temporary. We eventually retire, quit, get downsized or injured and have to move on. We have to transition. Life is a constant state of transition and experiences are only temporary. 

We move, we adjust, we start over sometimes multiple times in the course of a life. We say goodbye to family and friends. We experience relationships that only last for a little while. For a little while they were ours and then something happens to them or us or the relationship itself and it becomes a distant memory.

Life is about change and knowing that so much of it is only temporary. We eventually learn that temporary is truly a part of being human and we learn that it can be a good thing as well. It means we are never perpetually stuck in the bad aspects of our life. We are never eternally stuck in a bad job or bad relationship. We are never eternally stuck in a losing situation. It means that there is also room for hope and change. We can dream. We can transition to a better life, a brighter future, and a better version of ourselves. Temporary is necessary for this thing called our life or else we would get stuck in defeat and despair. Temporary opens the doors to our future and so many possibilities. So say goodbye to stuck and say hello to its only temporary.


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