Sometimes a part of being human is the moments when a person feels bitter. Bitterness happens on occasion even to the nicest of people. Sometimes a person feels bitter due to the success of others. They may have wanted that job, or that promotion, or even that moment in the spotlight. They may have wanted that man or that woman to be their soul mate. They may have wanted to have a child or twins even. Instead, they see a friend or an enemy even standing there instead.

Sure they may say it’s alright and even congratulate that other person’s success but behind closed doors and deep down in the pit of their being, a level of bitterness is slowly rising. A level of bitterness is increasing due to a longing for that life. That beautiful level of success or happiness that happens because of that promotion, or that relationship, or that precious newborn in their arms. It is not there. It was a dream that will never be fulfilled. Instead, all they are left with is a level of bitterness and perhaps even hatred.

Being bitter is not healthy. It’s not something most people seek out to be. No one wants to be described at their funeral as the person who was always mean and even bitter. No, that is just not what people seek to be defined and remembered as. Yet, it still lurks about in our society. 

Bitterness lurks where dreams died. Bitterness lurks where hearts are broken. Bitterness lurks in our society on a daily basis often in hearts of good people who saw happiness just slip away right before their very eyes. Bitter is often a part of being human even if only for a moment in time.


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