Memorize for the Sake of the Memories

Life is all about memorization.  We remember the key life events that we find meaningful.  We memorize information to have academic success.  We memorize key information about those we care about.  In fact, a part of showing that we actually care is the ability to memorize.  We remember key dates on the calendar like birthdays and anniversaries.  We memorize all the time because it matters to us.  It matters enough that we make space in our busy brains to add those memories.  To designate a spot for that recital, or that game, or that first date.  To pull that memory off the ‘shelf’ anytime we want to and instantly feel like we are once again in that moment.  That time itself has stopped all around us, and it is just us and a memory.  Just us and something that we hold dear.  Just us and our very existence.

When we are old and looking back on the life we once had, we will once again pull out those precious memories.  The precious memories of a child’s first laugh or our wedding day.  To pull out the memories of that trip to Australia or that first car.  To remember what it all felt like and sounded like.  To touch it once again in our heart as we prepare to leave this world and embrace what perhaps awaits us in the end.




(Daily Prompt)


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