Charisma of the Cinema

One of the more exciting aspects of being human is eagerly waiting for the release of a new movie. Perhaps it is the sequel or perhaps it is the latest installment to your Sci-Fi or superhero franchises. What is it exactly about movies that brings a crowd together in a single room or drive-in theater?


Is it the anticipation of movie theater popcorn and sweets? Is it the thought of sitting in a darkened room with complete strangers who share your same interests in movie selections? Is it the fact that watching movies at the theater is a way to tap into your childhood memories and inner child? Is it that you want your own children to experience the joy that you had as a kid at the theater and pass on that tradition? Is it a combination of many different reasons?

Everyone has their own motivations for getting into their car, standing in the ticket line, and watching movies. It is one of the few things in society that truly unites people from all corners of life to enjoy the same movie together. No one cares what you do for a living, how much you earn, what kind of car you drive, or anything else about you. They simply want you to sit quietly and enjoy the movie just as much as they do.

They want to laugh or cry, or perhaps even get angry at that screen. They want to experience it all with others. They want to experience it with their friends, their families, and other fans of their favorite movies. It is unifying, and it is wonderful.
The magic of movies. It’s the big screen. It’s the crazy good sound effects that make you feel like you are on that ship, that spaceship, fighting that animal or that bad guy. It is the smell of popcorn in the air. It is the suspense. It is the romance. It is the adrenaline rush. It is all of it often neatly packaged into a single movie. 

It is the peace and quiet from typical conversation and cell phone rings. It is the fact that for just a couple of hours, you can turn off your brain. For a couple of hours, you can forget about the problems from work. You can escape the drama of the day-to-day and just be in that moment. That precious moment with others enjoying your favorite actors doing their thing. 

There is movie magic in seeing your favorite actors dressed and acting as your favorite characters. When they enter their fantasy versions of life and create worlds that you want to explore further. There is magic when CGI and music make the movies come to life for you. You buy it all. You believe and not only do you believe but you actually want to believe.

That is what movie magic does. That is why people from all over the world will continue to watch movies and laugh and cry together. It is beautiful, and it is cathartic. See you at the movies. 

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photo by: Iwan Gabovitch

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