Is It Worth The Wait?


What are you finding yourself waiting on? Just about everyone can instantly think of an answer to that question. Maybe you are waiting for graduation. Maybe you are waiting to find a better job. That step up. Perhaps you are waiting for someone, anyone just giving you a chance in the employment world.
Are you waiting to have a child? Are you waiting on the adoption process to finally be over? Are you waiting on that family reunion or to get to see that friend again in person. You know, old-school face-to-face before technology took over.

If you are religious, maybe you are simply waiting for that promised Return.
What do you do in the wait? Are you finding yourself patient? Do you think patience is a virtue, or are you finding the patience part of the equation just a little more complicated than you can accept? Can you find the patience to wait, or are you ready to throw in the towel?

Maybe you are in the middle of getting that loan approved for your first home. You wait for day-to-day to hear if your loan paperwork has finally been approved. You want to bite your nails, but then you think no, it’s not worth it.


You want to get in your car and meet that person face to face and discover just why it is taking so long to say a simple yes. Is yes such a hard word to give a person? Is it really? I mean, it only is three simple little letters formed together to make a single-syllable word. Yet, yes changes everything.

Yes, you are accepted.
Yes, you are going to get to adopt that precious child.
Yes, you are going to get that dream job.
Yes, you are going to find your soul mate.
Yes, it isn’t cancer or HIV or whatever.
Yes, yes, yes.

So what are you doing? Are you alive? Are you thriving? Or are you barely hanging on? Teetering on that edge, just hoping, praying, whatever it is you do that you get that YES in your life and today. Soon. Not being strung along for another week, another month, another day, or even another second. Yes, PLEASE.

© Kristalin Davis’ Musings on the Human Condition, 2017-2022

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