Picking the Right School

Parents everywhere want to pick the right school for their children. How is this done? How do parents know which is going to be the right school to give their precious children the best possible opportunities for success?

Fortunately, in 2018 there truly are so many different opportunities for academics. Parents can choose a public or private school. They can choose a private school that shares the same religious or other values that their family enjoys.

Then there are the numerous homeschool options. A parent can be the sole teacher of their child. A parent can join different co-ops with other homeschool families in their community. A family can travel and get firsthand knowledge and experiences of the concepts their children are learning in textbooks. What does a whale shark actually look like? What does the Grand Canyon smell and sound like? How do the freshly fallen leaves in Maine sound like on a beautiful November day? Do they crunch? 

A family can decide that their student’s athletic, music talents, acting, or whatever else they are currently involved in having to take a priority and school simply has to work around it. Yes, school is important but yet we all still get excited to see our nation’s young top athletes bringing home the gold in the Olympics. Many are only in their teen years yet they possess so much poise and discipline. 

Safety: Safety simply has to take a top priority for families all over the world. A school has to be safe from threats and bullies. There are too many children committing suicide due to extreme levels of bullying. There are too many students dying by the hands of another threat to their school. It must end and it must end immediately. These precious students are our future. They need the opportunity to simply reach adulthood. 

Fun: A school should embrace opportunities to be fun. This is particularly relevant for elementary school when kids are first introduced to their academic career. The fundamentals are important and so is adequate opportunities for play. It is time for epic playground kickball games or seeing who can swing highest on the swing set. It is time for awesome teachers and being allowed to run wild with their creativity. Maybe they will have a class party or pick a field trip that their students will literally remember attending for the rest of their lives. 

Memorable: A school needs to be memorable. What makes a school memorable? What do we look back on in fifty years and remember about our academics? Was it our dedicated teachers? Was it that phenomenal coach who would never let us just settle? Was it that principal who made all of his or her students feel welcomed and loved even if they didn’t get a lot of that from their home life? Was it those awesome pep rallies and homecoming? Was it prom and dancing with the one who made us smile even when we struggled in life?

Community: Our schools are an important part of our community. Please send in those box tops or other fundraising ideas that help fund the schools. Attend sports events or school carnival. Be involved in the school when and however you can because they are only entrusted with the future of our society. No biggie or anything. 

Academics: Academics are important. Too many students are graduating high school and not knowing the basics like reading at grade level. Yes, they may never need those most advanced Maths as adults but we use reading and Math all the time.

Every time we are driving we are reading and following the rules of the road. Every time we go make a purchase for lunch or buy something needed for the home we are using important Math skills to know how much something costs and what change we are owed back if we paid in cash. The fundamentals are simply timeless and will always be a necessity of society.

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