By Kristalin Davis

There is some personal satisfaction when people are able to grow their flowers, plants, or food. To take a seed or a clipping and put it in the soil and hope for the best. There is some therapy involved with getting hands dirty with dirt and the hope for new life. It is almost a promise between humans and nature that if you provide what it needs, it will return the ‘fruits’ of your labor.




It is a wonderful feeling to go out and see the new life pushing through the soil in search of sunlight and water. Welcoming new life to this planet is refreshing. To see a young tree and know that in time, it will provide shade, shelter, beauty, and perhaps even food for decades to come. It will provide a home for birds, squirrels, and other life. It will give shade for you to read your favorite book or play on your phone. It will provide a place where you can sit and relax and just let the stress melt away. It will provide a sense of security and beauty that only nature can indeed provide.

        To see fresh fruits and vegetables ready for the dinner table is almost magical. There is a special kind of flavor involved in eating something that you truly helped grow. To taste fresh mint or basil from your plants is a delightful sensation for not only mouth but also for your nose. There is something truly amazing about the aromas of fresh fruits, vegetables, and various spices. The colors and the aromas are something that has to be experienced at least once in a lifetime.

Growing teaches us patience. Growing teaches us perseverance. Growing teaches us hard work. Growing teaches us to care about something outside of our wants and needs. Growing teaches us that we can provide for our families and not have to be too dependent on others just to eat. Growing teaches us that what we plant today, future generations may get to enjoy. Ultimately growing is a promise between people and nature that if we provide a safe place, it will thrive.







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