By Kristalin Davis

I had a dream and thought it was pretty fascinating. The basic gist of it was that whatever you truly loved and did as a kid will be your first real career. Maybe not your last one due to circumstances but your precious first one.

So what did you truly love and did you see it through? Were you the little firefighter, cop, or teacher? Were you playing GI Joe or Army men wanting to be the next great General? Were you playing baseball or dreaming of being an Olympian? Were you buried in books or art supplies? Maybe you were baking up a storm or tinkering with gadgets or cars? Maybe you were trying to find the cure for Cancer or paralysis. Maybe you were fixing the injuries of your stuffed animals and envisioning yourself as a veterinarian.

The point is to tap into what you loved, and you just may find what you truly were destined for because sometimes dreams do come true.




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