The Wheels of Life

 The Wheels of Life

      By Kristalin Davis

Life is often like a wheel that is constantly in motion. Once it starts, it is already well on its journey. Life keeps rolling along slowly and steadily. Perhaps it will take a couple of detours. Perhaps it will run into some maintenance issues and require repeated trips to the hospital.

Life gives us a ride and an experience. Life gives us a journey. Life occasionally gets ‘flat’ and can become boring and wore out. It needs a new direction and new aspirations. It needs a sense of balance between obligations and things just for the love and enjoyment value.

Life is tough but also durable like a wheel that tackles the most challenging of road conditions. Life can honestly take a lot before it ultimately stops. Life keeps on spinning in constant motion. The heart keeps on beating. The brain keeps on thinking. The heart continues to love, and the mind continues to inspire.

Life is movement. Life is love, kindness, and compassion for not only others but also for ourselves. To love and keep on living. To make the choice of getting up every day and putting in some effort. To will oneself to continue to live and fight to be a member of this world and this time no matter how hard it gets. To put in the time with family, friends, and work. To put in the time with others who share our ‘road’, and others who share our vantage point. Ultimately others who choose to share our journey. 






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