Courage Comes When it Needs to

Another element of life is the times when we find ourselves extremely courageous. Simply put, courage comes when it needs to. It comes when our life demands of it. It comes when we find ourselves truly struggling and facing the unknown parts of our life and a very uncertain future. It comes to families when they hear the news of a serious and in many causes possibly terminal diagnosis.

It comes to the Cancer patients as they lie in their hospital beds facing a very turbulent and often painful future.

It comes to their families and especially the parents of the children diagnosed with Cancer or another serious medical condition. Those parents push through their own fears and smile for their beloved children. They become their biggest supporters and advocates. Those parents make it okay for their child to simply be a child and not just  a name on a chart or another patient awaiting treatment.

Those parents make us remember that we are all human. We all want many of the same things, and particularly children want to enjoy just being a kid.

No one wants to be diagnosed with a serious medical problem, and they certainly would not wish that for those they care about the most. However, we often do not have a say in those matters. Yet, it is in those darkest of days that we find our inner strength. It is in those darkest days when we learn to face a scary and unpredictable future. It is in those darkest of days that we find inner strength. The kind of strength that pushes us through.

Courage comes in other forms and particularly to those who work and serve in dangerous jobs across the world.

Those employees know that every day they may not get to come home alive, but yet they realize that their job is not just a paycheck but an actual calling. They know that they are making a difference in their communities by clocking in the hours and doing their very best each and every time they show up for work. They may save a life. They may save many lives in the course of their shift, all while facing their own inner fears. They learn to rise and push aside their own personal fears and limitations to help others in need. They make the impossible happen because the situation demands it.

Ultimately courage comes when it needs to, and its timing is often quite beautiful.


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