It’s All About the Accolades

One aspect of being human is simply wanting to be appreciated and recognized for excellence. To be recognized for excellence in school or at work. To be recognized for being on that winning team. To be recognized for working incredibly hard and doing a great job.

Sometimes it is more than just getting a better paycheck, bonus, certificate, trophy, or medal. Sometimes it is simply knowing that your family and friends get to see that you were actually recognized for your achievements.

To be that child at your school’s award ceremony and seeing your mother, father, sibling, or other loved one smiling in the crowd. To be that child at your recital, tournament, cheer competition, game, and so on. Simply knowing that your family or friends are in that crowd and sharing your moment in the spotlight, both figuratively and literally on occasion is pure bliss.

It is a blissful feeling that gets the heart pumping and gets a good kind of adrenaline rush. Knowing that someone in that crowd cares about that name on your jersey.

Someone in that crowd cares about that brunette or blonde in that mass of sparkly costumes or uniforms. Someone in that crowd is cheering the loudest or being that obnoxious person with their camera or camcorder simply because they care enough to capture those moments. It makes those moments so very precious and memorable, and so it should.

Frankly, it validates your hard work. It validates all of those “two-a-days.” It validates all of those miles ran at the crack of down. It validates all of the hours studying at times boring and confusing textbooks.

It validates all of the extra hours at work busting it and bringing your best. It validates the hours practicing an instrument that initially liked to squeak or make obnoxious noises. It validates the sore muscles and fatigue. It validates the bruises and calloused hands. It validates the long nights and lack of sleep.

Frankly it validates it all. It makes the sacrifices worth it. It feels so good when we get the wins and the accolades. It feels so good that it motivates us to seek even more moments in the bliss of success. It simply motivates us to be our very best.

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