Stepping Stones of Life

I think life is a series of ‘stepping stones’ that gets you to your ‘final destination’. It is a journey that you take daily. It is a series of decisions that you must constantly make to change directions, stay the course, or even turn around and go back. It is that proverbial crossroads that beckon you but perhaps also terrify you. Which way should you go? Which decision should you make? Am I doing the right thing? Am I foolish? Am I cautious enough? Am I too cautious? Am I over thinking it? Why does making a decision seem so complicated? Why do I always have to second guess things?

However, when you get to that ‘sweet spot’, it is almost as if you are seeing stepping-stones in your path. When you get to that sweet spot you will just know. You will feel it in your very being. It is guiding you.

It encourages you to stay on the journey that you find yourself on. Perhaps it is a professional journey.  Perhaps it is a quest for love. Perhaps it is answering some question that has kept you awake at night and baffled you for days. Suddenly you see an answer.  

Finally, you see the solution, or at least you realize with confidence that you are going in the right direction. Confidence reassures you that it is going to be okay. This new journey is going to be perhaps challenging, but the end results will make it all worth it. Go. Take that step. Trust yourself. Know that you are wiser and more confident than you may feel at this very moment. Yes it may be scary. Yes there is uncertainty. However trust yourself and do it anyway. You are just a stone’s step away from seeing it…




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photo by: oatsy40

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