Nature is Important

I think many people want to escape into nature whenever they can. Perhaps it is a routine walk around the neighborhood. Perhaps it is a little more adventurous like camping out in the middle of nowhere for days and living on limited supplies. Perhaps it is wanting to climb that mountain literally or settling for a day of bouldering.

Others find themselves in nature routinely due to the nature of their jobs or responsibilities. Parents take their kids to the playground or their latest practice or game. Others seek to feed the growing population of birds or ducks near their home. Some find themselves on daily walks with their dogs, even at the crack of dawn. 

Regardless of the reason why we are in nature, I think it is important. It is important to slow down this fast paced life we live on a daily. It is important to turn off the phones and other electronic devices on occasion.

It is important to remember what fresh-cut lawns smell like. It is important to remember what sand or grass between our toes feels like. It is important to remember the smells of the ocean or spring’s newest flowers. It is important to feel the warm sun on our shoulders or trade winds blowing through our hair.

It is important to watch the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, mongooses, or other animals as they coexist just outside our front doors.

To listen to their songs and watch them as they play. It helps us connect with nature and everything that is happening just outside our places of work, school, and homes. It reminds us that we have a place in this world, but so do they. It is important to appreciate nature just like it is important to try to be a good human being.


This world is so incredibly beautiful and fulfilling. It tickles our senses and warms our hearts. It encourages us to keep going even when life is tough. Those beautiful sunrises and sunsets remind us that today may not be ideal, but they promise us new light in our tomorrows. Those rainbows remind us that this world is so very colorful and inspiring. We just have to take the time to notice.

We have to forget about our problems and obligations and just reconnect with the tranquility of nature every once in a while. To forget about the deadlines and bills for a little bit and instead think about s’mores, catch and release, feet resting in the ocean or a lake, and getting the chance to dream again.  

Getting the chance to make wishes on shooting stars again. Getting the chance to tap into that inner child who loved to play and was so very carefree. Getting the chance to climb a tree again or skateboard through the park. Getting the chance to release all that built up stress, anxiety, and mounting pressures of life.

Ultimately getting the chance to be one with nature and appreciating all that it has to offer both our hearts and minds. That is nature and nature is waiting on us.

(Featured image by Bhossfeld from Pixabay).

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