The Power of Reading

One aspect of being human that I am passionate about is the ability to be able to read. Being able to read is so vitally important for people all over the world. The capacity to read opens doors and opportunities for us. It makes us much more self-reliant and educated. We can pick up a book or device and indeed read and learn about anything. We can be self-taught in any subject or topic that fascinates us. The possibilities are truly endless.

We can learn how to fix appliances around the house. We can learn how to be better employees. We can learn how to be better public speakers. We can learn how to start our own business or become more successful in the business we are already involved in. We can become better authors. We can become better students. We can become better bosses and leaders. We can do so much and it starts with words on a page that give us wisdom.


Reading is so truly precious and yet a skill that so many spend their entire life struggling in. Reading is simply harder for some people to learn due to various medical conditions. Reading takes an effort for all, but it takes even more effort to learn for some. However, it is worth all the effort. It is worth all the effort from teachers, parents, siblings, and the readers themselves

You are reading this blog now because at some point in your life you learned how to read. You may be reading this in English, or you may have translated it to the language of your homeland. Perhaps you can even read multiple languages which puts you ahead of many other people in the world. It gives you even more skills that are truly marketable. Never take your ability to read for granted because it has and will continue to bring you enjoyment and knowledge. It will continue to help you in the course of your life. Perhaps you will even teach your children, students, or maybe even friends how to read.

If you struggle with reading or reading comprehension, continue to work at it. Reading is beautiful. Reading is special. Reading is what makes so much possible in our society and is something that other species can not do. Reading is oh so human nature. 

Perhaps one of the best things about reading is knowing that we have an endless supply of talented authors and literature. There will always be authors and poets to tickle our senses and imaginations. There will always be talented people writing books and magazines that give us entertainment and knowledge. They will continue to bring their expertise to the marketplace, and we will continue to support their efforts by purchasing their work. As a result, we get to help in our own small ways to support their careers, and they get to continue doing what they love and are talented at doing. It is a beautiful relationship between author and fan. So read on my friends.

What is your favorite author or book and why?

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