The Beach

Just what is it about the beach that draws people in? It is the place that many long to go. It is the place that many dream of going on their vacation or in their free time. It is the place that brings families together under that gorgeous sun. People picture their feet in the cool sand and a cold beverage in their hand. Just relaxing under that golden sun and letting their troubles melt away in that gentle breeze. 


The sand and the waves. The beautiful views and the sense of inner peace. The ability to get fresh air and exercise. The ability to play in the waves. The ability to build sand castles and other works of artistic ingenuity. The gentle trade winds. The clear blue water and gorgeous sand. 

The birds are soaring overhead. The beachgoers are engaging in aquatic activities. The children are laughing and playing and enjoying just being kids. The smell of the sea and sunscreen. The smell of hope and what could be.

The sea beckons those to venture out into it. The sea welcomes people regardless of who they are or what they do. The sea is an enchantress. The sea is a friend. The sea is vast and majestic. The sea makes us realize that there is a time to slow down.

A trip to the beach is work. It is packing up drinks, sunscreen, and towels. It is packing up kids’ toys and ‘floaties.’ It is packing extra stuff, but it is also packing away troubles too. It is taking the time to forget the problems and just embracing the moment. Everything focused on going to the beach and having fun. Everything focused on laying down next to that beautiful water and letting our troubles melt away. It is taking a favorite book and catching up. It is taking pictures of your family playing in the sand and water. It is sharing memories.  It is simply gorgeous and wondrous. It makes you truly feel alive.


The sea and the beach allowed us just to be us. No shirts and no worries. No worrying about if my hair and makeup are flawless. No worries if my clothes are good enough to impress. No worries if my car is good enough. No worries, just us being real and our authentic versions of ourselves.

The beach regardless of where it is located is a unifying experience. People remember their family trips to the beach. People remember what it feels like and smell like. People have shared experiences, the beach experience regardless of where the beach is located in the world. The beach is a great unifier in that regard. It taps into the human experience and just what it means to be on this planet. It’s not just any experience. It is so much more. It is the beach experience.

When was the last time you went to the beach?

(Featured image from Justasurferdude from Pixabay).

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