The Sweetness of a Reprieve

The Sweetness of a Reprieve

By Kristalin Davis

Humans seek a reprieve on occasion. We want a reprieve from the pain.

We want a reprieve from the stress.

We want a reprieve from the grieving.

A reprieve from the grieving of someone.

A reprieve from the grieving of our beloved pet.

A reprieve from the grieving of what our life could and should have been.

If only…

We want sweet mercy and an escape.

We want a vacation. We want a day off.

We want a chill day.

We want to tune out life and relax on the sofa with our favorite show kind of day.

A day where getting out of pajamas is just not in the cards kind of day.

A reprieve from this thing called life and all that it demands of us.

A reprieve. Not forever perhaps, just a little break from our existence.

A reprieve that lets us recharge our batteries and get our minds right.

A reprieve that makes us come back stronger and more capable.

A reprieve to give us a pause and a second to catch our breath and go back at it.

Tomorrow we will go back at it, but today we seek a reprieve.




(Featured image by RitaE from Pixabay).



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