So Very Tired

One common theme of life is being tired.  Tired from working too hard.  Tired of pulling parenting duty.  Tired of partying too hard.  Tired of school, researching, and homework.  Tired from the money troubles and financial burden.  Tired of the spousal problems.  Tired of cleaning the house for the 5,905, 323rd time.  Tired of trying to get that business off the ground.  Tired of trying to make it in an adult world where the stakes are incredibly high along with its standards.

The kind of tired that seeps into the very bones.  The tired that makes keeping eyes open not only unpleasant but downright painful.  The kind of tired that even driving to work or shopping for groceries is barely possible and only because it is a necessity of actually living. 


Tired of simply living. 

In contrast, as children, we start so innocent and frankly oblivious.  We think as kids that we will always have so much energy and time to do the things that we want to do.  The time to pursue our goals and dreams. The time to fulfill our most ambitious plans.  That space cowboy.  That concert pianist.  That neurosurgeon.  That famous dancer, singer, or actor.  That star athlete.  That prize-winning author.  The President of the United States of America even.

Ultimately the kind of person who will take on the world and actually win.  The kind of person who will actually make a positive and lasting difference on this third planet from the sun.  

However, sometimes life hands us a different reality.  Sometimes instead of the ‘fairytale ending’, instead we get a slap of reality.  By the way, reality slaps incredibly hard when it wants to.  Reality can lay you out.  A new and cruel reality.  Sometimes life hands us a terminal or very debilitating illness.  Sometimes life hands us a severe accident that seriously impacts our quality of life and perhaps even lifespan.  Sometimes life makes us loose one or more of our organs or body parts through trauma or illness.

Ultimately we simply do not know how life is going to change the course of our future and our fate until it actually happens.  However, when it does, it often leaves us with the ‘t’ word. Tired plain and simple.  Tired of fighting.  Tired of going through the motions of our daily existence.  Simply tired. 


For some, that feeling of tired will continue for the course of their lives and the only escape from it will be after they take their last breath.  For others, they will learn to push through their tired to the point that it becomes a presence in their life but will not deny them from achieving even their most ambitious of dreams.  It may make them angry. It may make them resentful or cynical, but it will not deny them their successes.  They will push through the tired.  They will push through the long hours that turn into months and even years.

They will reach their dreams no matter what happens.  As a result, tired will become like a rude house guest that simply will not leave.  A presence, but a presence that ultimately can be contained. 

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