Sometimes You’re Blessed With A Second

The first time I ever spoke to Terry was on the phone. He was one of the happiest and sweetest souls you could ever meet. He always looked out for the Marines wherever he went; they were his home. One year we had a live-planted Christmas tree, and he brought it back to 29 because the green thumb in him cared as much about trees and plants as he did people. He made even the desert grow with green creations from working on his land.

He devoted his life to helping others as a Marine, working with the fire department, and even working on the medical side, which is not typical of Marines. He had a beautifully creative mind that I see lives on in his family. Terry was willing to work on fixing anything. His work ethic and energy level were something to be in awe of. To have tasted his food is to have tasted heaven. He could grill or cook in the kitchen. He prided himself on his marinades and making great food on the cheap.

They say some people have nine lives like a cat. He was one. He risked his life so many times in combat and stateside. He was doing the job the best he could until the end. That is the man who became my second Dad or bonus Dad. The man called me Daughter and treated me like family. What a remarkable life.

Photo Credit Pixabay

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