Having a Little Too Much Fun

One of the apps I am so thankful that I discovered is called Smule. I had not even known Smule existed before 2019. It is like a secret little haven that professional and novice singers gather safely via the wonders of technology to duet together.

I am a timid person by nature, but even I was drawn into the excitement of all of it-the ability to sing with legendary singers and those who just do it as a side hobby. You quickly discover the artists that you can harmonize with and the songs that are just not you. No judgement. Just a fun time.

I am personally thankful that I found Smule, and it has helped me during the pandemic. I hope you can find a little fun to be had over there too. The experts believe there are so many benefits of actual singing ranging from boosting morale to even helping the immune system.


With that said, get your sing on. You do not even have to do a video with your face actually on it. If you try it and do not like it, you can delete a song before it is posted.


 Kristalin Davis’ Musings on the Human Condition, 2017-2021.

Now what are your thoughts?

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