As the entire world embraces a new year and endless possibilities, where do you see yourself? Do you have new year resolutions? Do you have new goals that you intend to aim for with a passion?

What got you to this point in your life? Was it a medical scare for you or a loved one? Does that motivate you to move more and drop a couple pounds?

What about financial problems? Did you struggle week after week in 2018 to simply make ends meet? Was it stressful and painful? Was it humiliating or humbling?

Did you find yourself seeking a higher power for help? Or did you find yourself wondering where the help was because it never seemed to stop at your door? Did you feel lost or forgotten?

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want more energy? Do you want a better relationship with your family or spouse? Perhaps you are still seeking love and wondering where on this entire Earth that person actually is.

Do you want to get out of renting that apartment and find a place to call home? A house of your own.

How will you reach that goal in 2019? What is your game plan? Have you written it down yet in black and white and stuck it to the fridge or bathroom mirror to be a constant reminder?

Are you finding inspiration on Youtube or maybe Netflix? Are those self-help talks and motivational speeches hitting a nerve? Are you wondering if that person did it why not you? I can do it too. Of course, I can.

Now what? Did anyone tell you today that you have survived every single thing life threw at you in 2018? Did anyone tell you that you are more fierce and capable than you may feel at this exact moment? You are not defeated. You are a survivor. You are capable of reaching all of your goals. You are enough. Please remember that.

© Kristalin Davis’ Musings on the Human Condition, 2017-2019

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