What Did You Learn Over Summer Vacation?


I learned that getting stung by a jellyfish hurts. I got stung on both legs after playing in the ocean a few weeks ago. I also learned that jellyfish stings can ‘reactivate’ a good week or more later. I learned that I will probably have some sort of scar forever reminding me of that fateful day. I also learned that having first aid supplies is important. Keeping water-related injuries with the potential of having numerous sources of bacteria clean is important. Topical antibiotics come in handy. You just never know when you are going to need that bandaid. 


I learned that change comes and change comes when it is good and ready to. Sometimes it happens with months or even years of preparation. Other times it comes at you with very little advanced warning. Bam. It hits you upside the head and leaves you dazed and wondering what the heck just happened to your life. What am I going to do now? How do I proceed? What is going to happen now? Is it a good change? Is it a bad change? I need a minute to process what is going on and what I should do next. 


Now what are your thoughts?

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