The Greatest Fear…

Wise people say the fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all. So instead of worrying about what could happen, think about what you know for sure. That you are loved. That people care about you. That the sun will rise and set no matter how bad your day may be. That no matter how bad today is, there is always a promise that tomorrow may be better.

Hope is the destroyer of fear. Hope is that beautiful four letter word that cancels fear right in its tracks. Hope says yes you may be scared, but I am here. I won’t leave you lost in despair. I won’t let you fall down and never have a chance of once again standing. Hope tells fear to go where the sun doesn’t shine and makes no apologies for doing so. Hope tells you that there may be life-saving water if you just keep going. Hope says that you may have a child if you just keep trying. Hope says that you may find love if you just keep looking. Hope says that you may find happiness if you don’t let go of that beautiful four letter word, hope.


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