Life is Hard and Yet Here We Are

Life is hard. That’s a fact. No one has it easy in this thing called life. You fall hard or get attacked by a wild animal. You go days or weeks with very little to eat or drink. The days or weeks of trying to save limbs from frostbite and not die from exposure. The days or weeks of trying to survive the sun and not cook under an unforgiving sky. You evade the sharks or the other predators. You do whatever you can to outsmart them and evade them.

Yet, something will happen.

For some, it’s getting kicked in the teeth by Cancer, a heart attack, a stroke, or some other significant medical condition. Others get pummeled in their cars. Then there are the freak accidents. That nail gun or the car falling on you when you are trying to repair something.

Life happens. No one wants to pick the gruesome ways to go out or suffer, but yet life is full of the unbelievably morbid and tough.

What do we do when the tough days come? How do we survive? How do we persevere against all odds? Is it a miracle? Is it intestinal fortitude? Is it a fluke? Is it pure luck? Was it merely not our time to die? If you asked five different people, they might give you five different answers. Yet most can agree that those worst days change us forever. Those worst days leave us a different person than we were before that fateful day began. Those worst days make us see life in a brand new light. We cherish our time here more. We cherish the little things more like simply having ice just like in the movie Castaway.


Only a truly life-changing and perhaps even gut-wrenching experience can forever change a person’s perspective on life. Only the gut wrenching kinds of days can make a person have such a profound level of empathy that they seek to ease the suffering in others as if their own very life depended on it.

They do it because they know what the other side of suffering contained. They know about the hunger, thirst, pain, or bitter cold. They know about the tears that come from utter and complete despair. The kind of tears that fall like stones from their eyes. Massive tears are pouring out their level of pain and despair. Heavy tears that they hoped someone would somehow hear and come and rescue them. Someone who would be their Hero and save their day. Someone who would save their very life. Someone. Anyone.


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