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I have been a longtime fan of YouTube for obvious reasons. It’s a great way to see some highly entertaining videos and tutorials. I however never even considered what an actual channel is, what it means to subscribe, or giving the good old thumbs up when you like something. Apparently, some people make an honest living, and for a select few a great income doing YouTube videos. 

I did not even know until just the last couple years that people earn money from YouTube and owning a channel. Obviously, it’s not a “get rich quick” activity. Instead, it takes real work, real planning, real editing, and so much more time-consuming activities to have success on YouTube. Frankly, the competition in any YouTube niche is quite fierce. The great will always rise to the top, and the majority will find themselves somewhere in the middle if they are lucky. 

I love doing this blog and getting to interact with so many of you. Blogs are amazing at doing just that. Letting people from all over the world get to interact with others. I suppose that for Youtubers, they feel the exact same way. Their channels are special to them. They are their ‘babies’ too just like blogs are for so many bloggers. In that sense, I get it. I understand why people toil away at making their YouTube channels great. Why people wake up and make their YouTube channels fierce and stand out from the crowd. 

YouTube is just another way that people get to engage with society. Another way for their opinion to matter. Another way for them to be heard and honestly, most of society wants to be heard. At least in the areas that they care about. In the causes that matter to them personally. YouTube is great at doing just that. To pass on your knowledge. To help society learn how to fix something. To remind society that it is important to laugh even if it takes yet another kitty video to do so.


To find your smile again when your day has been too long and too stressful. That’s the beauty of social media and the internet. 

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