When Life is a Pain in the…

This week has been a pain in the behind, but today was a subtle nod from the ‘Heavens’ above. I was walking this dreary morning and noticed a very faint rainbow. Then on the way back, the skies had cleared more, and that same rainbow was much more visible.

Rainbows don’t often last long. You blink, and they are usually gone. However, this one was like here I am, notice me. So I did.

What do you do when you are having a hard week? What sign do you look for to give you a little inspiration or motivation to keep pressing on? Is it a call from a friend or family member? Is is a nice cup of coffee from your beloved coffee shop down the block? Is it a little ‘retail therapy’ looking for that next I just have to have it?

Maybe you find yourself online searching for funny cat videos or the newest blog from a blogger who brings it.

Perhaps it is a sweet indulgence from the kitchen after the family is asleep, and it’s like a delicious ‘secret’ you have with your pantry.

What keeps you moving forward? What keeps you driven to stay on point and finish it out? We all have our little things to get us through the hard times in life. It’s human nature, and it’s what keeps us going.

So breathe and know that tomorrow will be a little sweeter. 

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