This story is geared toward older kids and is much longer than my previous book.  I am excited for my readers to meet Caleb and experience his life firsthand.  He is the main character and the star of his life as we all are.
This book covers some of the uncertainty and embarrassment that plagues the adolescent years.  One minute you love your family to the moon and back, and the very next, just them breathing makes you want to pull your hair out. 






(Update: Thank you readers. Caleb briefly hit number 36 in the Kindle version in its respective genre and category).

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I am the author of the children's books On the Walk Home, The Marvelous Mind of Caleb, and The Legend of Scarlett and Ryman. My art work is currently available through (Fine Art America/Pixels) where the majority of my growing portfolio is located. I also have a Shopify store with some of my art. Thanks for spending part of your busy day with me.

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