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*mentally prepare yourself for a short BUT PASSIONATE rant about a very unpopular opinion* Hello lovelies! (I always have to say hi and rant about my problems first tho DUH) So I suppose I’m in the mood to rant and I’ve been itching to write all day, although unfortunately I was stuck watching a lacrosse […]

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3 Comments on “Are Audio Books CHEATING? — Between the Pages”

    1. I think you covered an interesting topic relevant in 2017. Sitting down and reading a book complete with page turning action or just listening to a story while doing other things. It made me think back to elementary school. I’m going to date myself, but we were able to go to the school library and even check out books that came in a bag with a cassette tape. The child could follow along in their book while the tape played the story and often with exciting voices and action. I think there are times when audio can provide an additional level to the reading experience, but should not replace it entirely unless the reader has some medical reason to need the assistance of audio support. Great thought provoking blog Sarah.

      1. Thank you! EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. Unless it’s necessary for the person to be able to read people should just use the full experience: books :)). Gosh cassettes seem to be around so long yet really NOT THAT LONG AGO…By the time I was…gosh maybe 7, cadettes were mostly gone. Or shall I say extinct 😂? Extinct in the modern world of technology.

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