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A while back, I simply could not sleep.  An idea for a children’s book had suddenly popped into my head with a sense of urgency. This story told me that I must write it down right that second or it may be lost forever.  So I got up and listened to that little voice and started clicking away on the computer.

The story is alive on a page.  I think it is something that will inspire families in various ways and perhaps make them think of things in their own lives just a little bit differently.  Perhaps it will give them some insight into this thing we call life that they didn’t previously have. 

I personally believe that when inspiration like that basically stops you in your tracks and makes you take notice and action, that you should listen to it.  It may be the idea for an invention.  It may be the idea for something you are working on in your lab or in your garage.  It may be the idea that you need to do something differently at work and you don’t understand at the time the reason for the urgency but none the less, it is there. 

I think we as creative type personalities enjoy the moments when inspiration truly strikes. It’s like the experts say, they spark something deep within us, and we simply know that we must jump aboard that ‘idea train’ and see exactly where we wind up. 


Sometimes we really have no clue how the big picture is all going to turn out, but we have something better, we have ‘faith’ for those who believe, or simply a ‘gut feeling’ about it.  A feeling deep within us that lets us know that we are truly onto something and it may be something very good and very life changing even.  


We just simply do not know yet when we are on the first step of that journey or the first mile on that ‘train’. 

Ultimately ideas demand us to pay attention to them.  They are basically screaming hey you, look at me.  Take notice of me.  Take action today because if you wait too long, I may be lost forever.  

In that regard, ideas have an expiration date because either they will be lost forever, or someone else will have thought of it ‘first’ and brought it to market before you.

Then you will say well that’s just lovely because I thought of that ten or twenty years ago.  I should be the one collecting the money or accolades from that idea.  Not that guy or that woman. 

When was the last time inspiration struck you?  Did you get up and do something about it?





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