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13 Reasons Why is Not Only Brilliant but Also Opens the Ethics Discussion

A friend and I watched 13 Reasons Why and honestly felt like it was well done. Then recently we saw on the news that it is even beginning to make an impact there as well. The viewers will continue watching this groundbreaking series, and the readers will eagerly reach for the book.

My friend mentioned that 13 Reasons Why would make a great discussion for high school students regarding ethics, bullying, and honestly so much more. My friend and I talked about it, and I said that maybe juniors and seniors. Possibly even sophomores. My friend disagreed and said no, it should start in freshmen classes. 



Our discussion got me thinking when is too soon or more importantly too late to have ethical conversations with the children and students of the world? Are parents and schools truly doing enough in 2017 where cyber bullying, bullying in schools, and even teen suicide seems to be on the rise? Is there more that we as a society need to say and do and if so what?

I think it is imperative to help prevent bullying whenever possible. However, it is also essential to prevent teen suicide that indeed robs society of all of the beautiful gifts and talents that those young people would have brought if they only reached adulthood. Every single one of them had a light and a voice. No one else, not even a twin will ever be them. No one else will ever take their place. They were each unique and loved by family, friends, and in many cases entire communities who mourned their tragic losses.

It seems like there is often a strong connection to a person who is bullied and those who become suicidal. When suicide becomes in their minds the only escape from their physical and emotional abuse and in many circumstances incredibly cruel levels of bullying.

I truly do not want to ‘spoil’ any part of the series by giving away too much, but I will recommend watching it for those who are interested. I think it will truly change how you view many aspects of life and particularly the vulnerable and impressionable adolescent years. Many of you are already adults, but have minors at home. I recommend you watching it when they are asleep. Decide for yourself if it is content that you think they will be able to handle only after viewing it yourself. Perhaps select only key parts of it and sit down and chat about those ‘issues’ and what takeaways you may formulate in your mind. Also, you may need a box of tissues. Just a little heads up.



(Thank you to the talented Author Jay Asher and all of the others involved with the series which have given us a new perspective on life and the turbulent adolescent years).

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